Effects Edit

An effect is what you see in an RSMV, and other various videos. They can make the video dark, bright, scary, cheerful, and almost anything you would like it to look like. Some effects are more complicated than others, and some are fairly simple. Currently, some of the most popular effects are the effects in Sony Vegas.

Common EffectsEdit

Most people will find RuneScape music videos boring with the simple clipping/panning, which leads them to use further effects.

Color Correction:Edit

Many editors dislike the average look of runescapes colors. There are several effects that do this.


Brightness and Contrast

Black and White

RGB Scale

Color Correctors 1/2 (Basically do brightness and contrast along with black and white with the option to add certain colors. EX: Adding a slight yellow tone to warm the colors)

Texture and Smoothing:Edit

Some people's computers can have a more grainy or dull look to Runescape than others, many effects can alter this.



Bump Map



Many clips, when played sequentially, may not match completely. Most who find this problematic use transitions to smooth the flow of the clips.





Cross Effect

Special FXEdit

TV GeneratorEdit

One of the most commonly used FX is the TV Generator, this effect gives several options to make a clip look as if recorded off of an old 80's/90's TV.


Horizontal Sync: Wobbles the video from left to right.

Vertical Sync: Makes the video look off sync vertically, one of the most obvious effects, and most commonly used in Rsmvs.

There are several other options that add the texture and color of a TV.

Film FXEdit

This adds in effects to make your video look like an old projector movie.


Shaking: Makes your video shake a lot, a VERY popular effect.

Scratches: adds scratches as if on a film reel: can be seen in many videos.