A RuneScape Music Video, or RSMV is a music video made in RuneScape, a popular MMORPG.

These videos are often uploaded to YouTube, where everyone can watch them.

RSMV's are usually edited in certain programs, such as Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and Adobe After Effects.


Many RSMV's have a specific style, the styles named by the fans of RSMVs or the owners.

  • Over-edited

An "Over-edited" RSMV is usually an RSMV that is made in Vegas, consists of many effects that are unnecessary to the beat. These RSMV types are typically done by newcomers. This is often confused with "Heavy-edited."

  • Heavy-edited

These types of RSMVs usually consist of many effects, usually made in Sony Vegas, and hit on the beats properly and go with a heavier-type of song (i.e, metal, heavy metal, death metal, hard core, etc.). These are commonly mixed up with "Over-edited," as many turn out to be over-edited instead of heavy-edited. This is one of the harder styles for an RSMV, and not recommended for someone who is not very familiar with Sony Vegas.

  • Storyline

A storyline RSMV usually is what the style is called; a storyline. These videos tend to have a storyline that relates to the song picked for the video. These are edited in many different video editing programs.

  • WMM

Or, Windows Movie Maker. These are edited in the standard Windows[1] program, Windows Movie Maker. They are usually low on effects, and don't get many views. This is a popular style for older videos and RSMVs.

  • Luckybucket-style

This style was named mostly from fans of RSMVs which has many names, but there is no "proper" name for this style. This is the standard style of RSMV that was said to have been started by the YouTube user "Luckybucket." As many have created RSMVs in this style, this is a popular style for newcomers, and older RSMV makers alike.

  • AAE or AE

Similar to how the WMM style is named, this is a more recent style and is coming up. These types of videos are often edited in Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas. They are one of the hardest, if not the hardest, RSMV to make, especially for beginners, as this uses to different editing programs at once that take time to learn.

Trying a new RSMV style may be frustrating at first, but it gets easier after you have experience with the program you use. Many tutorials can be found on YouTube.